December 9, 2021

 November 16, 2021

Past Speakers

The Chaperone Code Club Webinar

Heidi Olzscha  copy.jpg

Professor Heidi Olzscha

Medical School Hamburg,

Institute of Molecular Medicine, Germany


Title: Impact of posttranslational modifications on protein quality mechanisms in age-related and malignant diseases


Professor Charalampos Babis Kalodimos

Chair, Department of Structural Biology

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, USA

Title: Atomic view of molecular chaperones in complex with unfolded clients

 September  15, 2021

Professor Laurence Pearl FRS FMedSci

Genome Damage and Stability Center

University of Sussex, UK

Title: Chaperone-Targeted Degradation of HSP90 Client Proteins

zhanghong photo.jpg

Dr Hong Zhang

Associate Professor

Institute of Biophysics,

Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Title: Chaperone Code of Hsp70: from Cysteine Modifications
to Covalent Inhibitors

 March  18, 2021


Professor Mehdi Mollapour 

Department of Urology,

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

State University of New York, USA

Title: Post-translational modifications of Hsp90 and translating the chaperone code

 February  23, 2021

Dr Nitika

University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA

Title: "An atlas of PTM-driven Hsp70 interactions revealed through cross-linking mass spectrometry."


 December  15, 2020